#tbt: Meet the Designers of SPARC Lab!

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Blog

It’s Thursday so we’re throwing it back to AIR’s Bloom’d Fashion Show! This past spring Arts In Reach hosted two wearable art programs: SPARC Lab for ages 11-13 and Wild Imaginings Project for ages 14-18. Participants upcycled donated clothing using methods including: block printing, embroidering, painting, sewing, and more! We celebrated these teen fashion designers with a runway at the fabulous Mall at Fox Run.

Without further ado, meet the designers from SPARC Lab:


Meghan is a 7th grader and in her free time she likes to paint, draw, and play basketball. Vintage and weird core aesthetics inspired her shirt design. It is covered in painted eyes and says “Don’t Look at Me” at the bottom. Her favorite show South Park inspired her skirt. Meghan says her outfit makes her feel cool beans!


Poppy is a 5th grader who loves to ride horses and spend time with her family and animals. For her outfit she used multiple techniques including embroidery, painting, and sewing! Her outfit makes her feel amazing and she wishes there were more biodegradable clothing pieces in the fashion industry. She loves the friends she made in this program!


Izzie is a 5th grader who loves listening to music. They used drawing, embroidery, and painting for their outfit. Neon lights inspired the green and white details on their blazer. Their outfit makes them feel amazing! If they could change anything about the fashion industry they would increase the variety of clothing. Izzie’s favorite technique they learned was embroidery! 


Ruby is a 6th grader who loves reading, drawing, playing video games, and playing instruments. Her outfit makes her feel extremely aesthetic! She used embroidery and sewing techniques.  If she could change anything about the fashion industry, she would change beauty standards! 


Mia is a 6th grader who loves to listen to music. Fashion trends and the Y2K aesthetic inspired her outfit. She wishes that the fashion industry offered more high-quality clothing at an affordable price. Her favorite part of the program was meeting everyone! 


Emily is a 6th grader who likes to run track and hangout with her friends. She used block printing, embroidery, paint, and Sharpie for her outfit. Her favorite technique she tried was block printing!! Her process was very organic and she went with the creative flow. If she could change anything about the fashion industry, she would change the difference in the boys and girls sections. 


Evalee is a 6th grader and she used sewing and painting techniques. Her outfit was inspired by Korean styles and NYC styles. She wishes the fashion industry had more colors and outfits that she liked. Her favorite technique she tried was sewing!


Peighton is a 7th grader who loves to craft, sew, sing, and read. Her outfit makes her feel good, fashionable, and creative. She embroidered flowers on the button down tank top, flipped the blazer inside out and splatter painted it, and cut words off of t-shirts and sewed them onto jeans. She’s always wanted to let her inner creativity shine!


Charlie is a 7th grader who loves to hide and scare people. He wanted to look wedding-y for his outfit. His outfit makes him feel old, and he wishes fashion was more this century and way less expensive. His favorite part of this program was being with people who get him. 


Fallon is a 6th grader who loves playing with her dog Ginger. She used paint to create her look and made a few block prints along the way. She wishes workers in the fashion industry were treated more fairly!

We hope you enjoyed reading about the designers, their outfits, and their wishes for the fashion industry! Sydney Bilodeau was the photographer at this event. Stay tuned for our next post which will feature the designers of Wild Imaginings Project.