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Passionate and Dedicated

Meet the artists and educators who are committed to helping every teen reach their full potential by promoting creative development and well-being among teens.

  Favorite Dog Breed: Black Lab

  Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

  Favorite Creative Medium: Oil Paints and Pastels

Debra Holloway

Executive Director, she/her

Ph.D. University of Colorado Boulder, MA & BA University of New Hampshire

Debra’s work with AIR began in 1998 when she conducted a two-year research study of AIR’s impact on participants for her doctoral degree. Her research focused  on the role of “voice” in the transformation of individuals and communities. In 1999, she co-led the AIR summer program and became the first board member and chair. From 2016 to 2019, she served on AIR’s Program Committee, Development Committee, and Advisory Panel as well as assisted with grant writing. Debra’s research with AIR inspired her to study painting and drawing for three years at the Colorado Academy of Art. Before becoming an educational researcher, she taught college writing at the University of New Hampshire, the University of Colorado Boulder, and Great Bay Community College. Debra lives in Rye with her husband Scott Marion and their dog Luke.

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 Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Apple Crisp

  Favorite Flower: Blue Morning Glory

  Favorite Creative Medium: Acrylic Gouache

Cara Cabral

Program Director, she/her

BFA University of New Hampshire

 Favorite Coffee Order: Mocha with Oat Milk

  Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Moose Tracks

  Favorite Creative Medium: Too many to choose!

Haley Searcy

Program Coordinator, they/she

BS Appalachian State University

Haley is an artist, sewist, and musician. Originally from North Carolina, they currently reside in Dover, NH where they have a studio at the nonprofit artist collective Wrong Brain. She likes working at AIR because she is able to combine her passion for youth development, educational background in sociology and gender studies, and love of the arts. When she is not making art or working, you can typically find her drinking oat milk mochas, exploring New England, or singing about rats who skateboard.

 Favorite Animal: Fox

  Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough

  Favorite Artist: Egon Schiele

Cassie Brazeau

Assistant Program Director, she/her

BFA University of New Hampshire

Cassie attended UNH for her Bachelor of Fine Arts, focusing on ceramics and printmaking. She has continued to practice both mediums, working out of two seacoast-area studios; one outfitted with her own printing press and the other a communal ceramics studio. Cassie began working with AIR as a teaching artist and guest speaker before taking on the role of Assistant Director. She is thrilled at the opportunity to nurture the connection between young creatives, and various forms of artistic expression! When she’s not in one of her studios or working for AIR, Cassie spends the summer months riding around on a vintage baby-blue Honda motorcycle and the winter months hiking and exploring with friends.

“When I was a teenager, engaging in the arts gave me an outlet to process challenges and a visual means to communicate difficult emotions. I feel so proud to work for an organization that provides equitable access to the arts for young women in our community, and a platform for their creative expression.”

– Cara Cabral, AIR Program Director