Innovative and Empowering Programs for Teens

AIR programs and workshops integrate visual, performing, and literary arts with cultural field trips, group mentoring by professional artists, and opportunities to do community service.

Our Program Areas

ArtVentures: Ages 11-13

Explore creativity and try new types of art with a nonjudgmental and supportive group of creative middle school girls. ArtVentures is offered after school and during school vacations.

AIR Artists: Ages 14-18 

Celebrate creativity through visual, performing, and literary arts. AIR Artists is offered after school one or two days each week in the fall and spring, and during school vacations in February, April, and over the summer.

Advance on AIR: Ages 16-22

Enjoy meaningful, creative enrichment workshops with a supportive community. For young women and gender expansive young adults who have completed at least three of AIR’s programs.

Program Area Details

Our programs are offered after school and during vacations. They are free of charge for all participants, including supplies, transportation, and technology assistance. 

  • Experienced professional teaching artists lead programs.
  • Hands-on activities help teens enhance artistic abilities.
  • Teens actively participate in creating a structured curriculum.
  • We emphasize community-building, group mentoring, and collaboration.
  • We encourage teen individuality and creativity.
  • Cultural field trips and community service enhance program offerings. 
  • Programs culminate in showcases of teens’ original art.

Program Objectives

Encouraging teens to discover, create, grow, and thrive

  • Develop the ability to be reflective and set life goals
  • Increase literacy and critical thinking skills
  • Build strong resistance skills to avoid risky behaviors such as tobacco, alcohol, and drug use or misuse, as well as risky sexual behavior
  • Create strong relationships and develop conflict resolution skills
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the arts and cultural expression
  • Identify local art resources and take inspiration from local artists
  • Volunteer in service to the community to demonstrate the potential of youth

Open and Accepting 

Our programs welcome teens girls ages 11-22-years-old and trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive teens who feel like this is the right community for them. All artistic abilities and skill levels are also welcome, with no previous experience required!

Statement of Inclusion

We welcome and value teens of all abilities, ethnicities, gender expressions, races, religions, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses. We prioritize opportunities for teens from under-resourced families and communities. Previous arts experience is not required to participate.

Download our brochure to learn more about our commitment to inclusivity, safety, and community.

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“Everyone talks about empowering girls. At AIR, that’s what we do.”

– Cara Cabral, AIR Program Director


Q: What is Arts in Reach?

A: Arts In Reach (AIR) is an organization dedicated to empowering teen girls and gender expansive youth through the arts and mentoring. We provide various programs throughout the year designed to unleash creativity and build confidence, compassion, and communication skills.

Q: Who is AIR for?

A: AIR programs are for teenage girls and trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive youth ages 11-22-years-old who feel like AIR is the right community for them.

Q: What is the age of AIR participants?

A: Arts In Reach programs are currently offered to teens and young adults age 11 through 22, although different programs and workshops are geared toward different age groups.

Q: What types of programming does Arts In Reach offer?

A: We offer visual, performing, and literary arts opportunities throughout the year after school and during school vacation for teens to discover their own unique talents and abilities as they explore their creativity. Fill out a registration form and check out our calendar on our homepage, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to learn about upcoming programs and workshops and how to sign up.

Q: How do I sign up for one of the AIR programs?

A: To participate in any of our programs or workshops, you can register online, download and mail our registration form, or ask your school counselor for the form. The completed form must be signed by a parent or guardian and only needs to be completed once per year, unless your information changes. Once you have registered and been contacted by an AIR staff member, go to our calendar on our homepage or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to learn about upcoming programs and workshops and how to sign up.

Q: What is the cost to participate?

A: AIR programs and workshops are free of cost to participants, and we assist families with transportation or technology needs within the Greater Seacoast.

Q: How do I arrange transportation to the programs?

A: Transportation to and from program sites often can be arranged and is always free of charge. For more information, please call 603-433-4278 or email

Q: How long has Arts in Reach been around?

A: AIR was founded in 1997 by University of New Hampshire art history graduates Kristin Forselius and Amanda Tappan as a summer day camp that focused on visual arts, performing and literary arts, and art history.