Get Muddy with Arts in Reach

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Blog

This spring, AIR had our first recurring in person program since the start of the pandemic! Six Somersworth middle schoolers met once a week for seven weeks to play with clay at MudCity Clay in Gonic, NH. Ceramic artist, owner of MudCity, and AIR teaching artist Meghan Samson led the program.

At the beginning of each session, our group was able to get to know each other through chatting over snacks, checking in with one another, and playing fun games! We played some classics like Detective in which one person is the detective and leaves the room. The group then chooses a secret leader to follow their movements. The detective returns and has three chances to guess the leader. We also played a new favorite game called Look Up, Look Down. In this game, a leader instructs everyone to either look down at their shoes or look up at our group. When the leader says “look up,” everyone looks at someone else in the circle. If two people make eye contact they are out!


Each week, we explored different aspects of the ceramic arts. The first few sessions offered introductions to clay where we learned the basics such as slab work, slipping and scoring, and handbuilding. During these sessions, we made pinch pots and wall hangings featuring words that are meaningful to us.

In the following weeks, we built on this knowledge by using dowel rods to make planters and pencil holders along with other miscellaneous projects participants wanted to try. The last couple of sessions focused on glazing, putting plants in their pots, and creating a collaborative mask project!

We are so excited to have the opportunity to share our participants’ amazing art with the community! All of their work from this program is currently on display in the windows of Teatotaller on High St in Somersworth, NH through the end of spring.

We are currently accepting registrations for in person and online summer programs for teens ages 13-18. Fill out the form on our website by May 28 for priority registration!