FUNctional Clay! 🌟

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Blog

We kicked off the summer with some ceramic art at MudCity Clay in Gonic, NH! For seven days, ceramic artist -and AIR’s Assistant Program Director- Cassie Brazeau led us through individual and collaborative clay projects that put the FUN in FUNctional Clay.

Collaborative Bead Project

On the first day we started working on a collaborative project! We created beads in all shapes and sizes and underglazed them in different colors. From abstract shapes to animal figures, we had it all. While glazing generally covers an entire piece after bisque firing, underglazing can be painted directly onto the clay surface before the first firing.

Field Trip to Bedrock Gardens

On the second day of the program we took a field trip to Bedrock Gardens in Lee, NH! We scattered across the landscape to forage for inspiration, sketch ideas, observe frogs and crayfish, and decide where we would be hanging our collaborative installation we started on the previous day. Afterwards, we returned to the clay studio to play a quick game before heading home for the day.

Coil Pots

Pinkies up- our first individual project of the program was creating coil pots! To remind everyone to be aware of their coil sizes, Cassie drew out a diagram explaining to keep coils no larger or smaller than their pinkies. Coil by coil we built up our pots and added extra decorations onto the sides. Once the work was bisque fired, we underglazed the pieces. Check out some of the finished pots!


Our second project was creating masks! Firstly, we had to roll and cut a circle out of a slab of clay. Following that, we laid the circular slab on a curved surface to give it the rounded mask effect. Finally, time for decoration! The Collector from Owl House and the YouTuber Dream inspired some of the masks pictured below.

Free Play

Once we completed our coil pots and masks, we made whatever we wanted out of clay! These pictures only represent three out of all of the thoughtful, creative pieces designed during this time of exploration. The artists created dragons, axolotls, coyotes, small humanlike figurines, jurassic park plates, and so much more!

Collaborative Plate Project

On the second to last day we played games, wrote thank you cards, and created this amazing collaborative plate together! Everyone made small pieces of their interests out of clay to be included on this plate. As you can see, there is quite a collection of interests! We have a guitar, a snail, a squid, a Demogorgon, a peace sign, and so much more presented in this project.

Bedrock Gardens Installation

On the last day we went back to Bedrock Gardens to say hello to the frogs and crayfish, string our beads we made, and hang up the installation! The sculpture gardens were a wonderful setting for our final day spent together. If you want to know more about our last day, check out this TikTok to watch the magic happen!

The installation is still hanging up at Bedrock Gardens if you want to see it in person! Follow Arts In Reach on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for updates on all things program related.