Humans of AIR: Ember Nevins

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Blog

AIR’s Summer Intern Ember Nevins (she/they) shares about their AIR summer experiences, their artistic inspirations, and what they will be doing next!

What is your role at Arts In Reach?

I am an intern with AIR and I started at the beginning of the summer. I have been here for all of the summer programs. It’s really fun!

How did you get involved with Arts In Reach?

I got involved with AIR originally because I saw that the Women’s Studies department at UNH was looking for interns. They provided us with this big list and I immediately saw Arts In Reach. I researched it and it seemed really cool because it combines my two majors. I’m a studio art major and women and gender studies major. I think that empowering youth through art and having an open, accepting environment is really cool.

Do you have a background in the arts?

I am a studio arts major at UNH and I have been doing art probably for five years. I typically use colored pencils and markers, and I like to use oil pastels too- a blend of a lot of mediums. I’m usually inspired by daily scenes of life and moments that everyone goes through like brushing your teeth in the morning or your car breaks down. Things a normal person would experience and relate to, then I add an abstract twist to it. I like to use lots of colors and lots of design work. I have an Instagram where I post all my art!

Art by Ember Nevins

Do you have a favorite Arts In Reach memory?

I think one of my favorite Arts In Reach memories was at Funny Camp. It was the end of the week and we had this open mic. It was really cool to see all the teens go up on stage and perform because that’s a hard thing to do. The experience definitely inspired me and gave me courage. I think my favorite part has been how everyone is able to be so creative and inspiring, even for the adults and the staff.

Do you have any advice for AIR teens?

I think my advice would be to continue to be brave. Just know that it’s ok to still be figuring out who you are because you never stop figuring out who you are. You will always have safe spaces where people will accept you.

What is next for you after your internship?

After the summer I am planning to go back to UNH where I will be a Museum Fellow for the UNH Museum of Art. I will be working on curating some exhibits and working with the public. I will also be the Editor-In-Chief of Main Street Magazine which is an independently run student magazine on the UNH campus. It incorporates a bunch of art and writing, so I’m really excited about that.

Thanks to Ember for being an awesome intern!